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Gondolas in Venice   Gondola
The famous "gondola ride" is definitely one of the most typical things to do in Venice. Take a trip early in the evening or at dusk. Make sure you get a private gondola and negotiate the rate and the length of the ride before you get in.
The Piazza San Marco in Venice   The Piazza San Marco (or St. Mark's Square)
It itn't actually a square. It fans out and widens at the end which creates the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.
On both sides of the piazza are the buildings where once the procurators of San Marco (highest officials of the Venetian Republic other than the Doge) were housed. Now its most famous tenant is the Caffè Quadri. On this square you also find the clock tower, Basilica di San Marco and the Doge's Palace.
The Clock Tower   The Clock Tower
This clock is named the Torre dell'Orologio and has been ringing out the hours since 1499. On the clock you see two 'Moors' striking the hours, a copper statue of Madonna and child and the Lion of San Marco.
Basilica San Marco  

Basilica San Marco
It was built as a shrine to St. Mark the Evangelist and completed in the 11th century. This masterpiece of Venetian Gothic is an architectural mixture of the East and West. Every inch from the outside and through the inside is decorated with mosaics and gold.
Don't forget to climb the belfry. It's the highest spot in Venice and offers a fantastic landscape on sunny days.