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The Campanille in Venice  

The Campanile
This tower is built at the beginning of the 20th century and is an exact replica of the 15th-century bell tower. In 1609, Galileo Galilei exhibited his telescope here, and during the carnival, the bell tower used to serve as a stage for the tight rope-walkers who entertained the doge with their acrobatics. You can take an elevator to the top (60 meters) for a great view of the city and the lagoon.

Doge's Palace in Venice   Doge's Palace
This palace served as the official residence of the Doges (the rulers of Venice). The Great Council Hall is the largest room in Europe not supported by interior columns and also contains the largest oil painting in the world, Tintoretto's Paradise. Take a tour that will take you though all the hidden chambers in the palace, you'll see the throne room from peep holes in the ceiling, hear the story behind Casanova's escape, etc.
Colonne del Leone di San Marco e di San Teodoro in Venice   Colonne del Leone di San Marco e di San Teodoro
These columns were placed here by the architect of the first Rialto Bridge. The column of San Marco (left) has a bronze winged lion on top of it, the symbol of San Marco. The column of San Teodoro (right) has a marble statue of San Teodoro on top of it, the patron saint of Venice.
Basilica della Salute in Venice   Basilica della Salute
This famous church was built as a thanksgiving to God for the end of the terrible plague. It is designed by Baldassare Longhena and completed by Antonio Gaspari after Longhena's death. The church's facade is decorated with 125 statues, which is a sharp contrast to the somber interior.