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Jamaica Bar in Milan   Jamaica
I had a really nice lunch on the terrace that’s placed on the street (car free). Eating my salad (the Jamaican salad), sipping white wine in the sun and watching the people go by. What more do you want? I went back one evening to have a drink at the bar inside (this bar is one of the oldest of Milan). The walls are decorated with white, yellow tiles and shelves with bottles of wine. In the evening it’s very busy with the Milan youth. They also make all kinds of cocktails. Nice place to hang out but it is certainly not a low budget tip.
Via Brera 32, tel.: 02 89 09 80 57
Caffe Miani or Zucca in Milan   Caffe Miani (or Zucca)
Drink your aperitif here! The Campari was invented at this place in 1867. Caffe Miani, or better known as Zucca is one of the many elegant coffee-shops inside the Galleria.
Address: Piazza Duomo 21, tel.: 02 864 644 35
Restaurant Torre di Pisa in Milan  

Torre di Pisa
All four small dining rooms are brightly lid. From some of the rooms you can look into the open kitchen. The waiters are very friendly and they will recommend you the specialty of the day. The everyday specialty is the Ossobucco (veal shank). First and main course including drinks: 50 Euro per person.
Address: Via Fiori Chiari 21/5, tel.: 02 87 48 77
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