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Overview of hotels in Bruges  

Before my visit to Milan I booked my hotel via the site of Bookings. It's easy; you don't pay anything in advance...just pay the hotel when you leave. And they have many beautiful hotels in Milan.
Overview hotels

Carriage trip through Milan  

Linate Airport
Linate is only 7 km to the center of Milan but mostly fright carriers use this airport.
More information about Linate Airport
Malpensa Airport
Malpensa is a lot further away from the center but you can take the Malpensa express to get to there.
More information about Malpensa Airport


Malpensa Express (ME)
This train takes you from the Malpensa airport to the center of Milan (and vise versa). Buy your ticket at the special ME ticket office at the airport (little hard to find). The train leaves twice an hour and the trip to Milano Cadorna (the terminal station in the center) takes about 50 minutes. At the Via Lepoardi you’ll find taxis and at the Via Paleocapa you’ll find the bus stop. A one way ticket costs about 9 €.
More information about Malpensa Express

Taxi in Milan

Don't bother to hail a taxi at the side of the road but try to find the taxi rank. Most Milanese prefer the scooter though.