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Restaurant Bagutta in Milan   Bagutta
Just open the door and leave the façade for what it is. You’ll find the interior overwhelming. You will be brought to a table in one of the many dining rooms (all decorated in their own special beautiful way). As a starter I had the antipasti and I can recommend it to you! You can serve yourself from a counter with dozens of antipasti (not cheap: 18 Euro, but you can share it). This restaurant is worth a visit because of the entourage.
Address: Via Bagutta 14, tel.: 02 76 00 27 67
Sunday brunch in Milan   Sunday brunch
It’s a tradition for Milanese families to have a Sunday brunch. Many restaurants offer such a brunch:
Brunch, 7° piano La Rinascente Duomo, Via Santa Radegonda 1
Café Réal, Via Merlo 1
Diana Garden (at the Hotel Diana Majestic), Viale Piave 42
Il Cestino in Milan  

Il Cestino
I had dinner here on a Saturday evening and inside it was almost as dark as outside (probably also due to the dark paneling). This small restaurant serves quite large meals and the service is very friendly. Close to the Via di Brera and Via di Fiori Chiari where you’ll find lots of other nice restaurants. First and main course incl. wine: 50 € pp.
Address: Via Madonnina 27, tel.: 02 86 46 01 46
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