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Duomo in Milan  

It took more than 500 years to build this cathedral. And now they are restoring it...during my visit the facade was in scaffolding. I found the inside less impressive than the exterior. The exterior is an example of Lombard gothic with many statues, pinnacles, arches and pillars. We didn't go to the roof of the cathedral. They say the view from there is amazing and you also have a better view of the statues and the architectural details.

Piazza Duomo in Milan  

Piazza Duomo
This square in front of the Duomo is often the place of political meetings, election campaigns and public announcements. It's also the place for the young and tourists to hang out. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the Palazzo Reale.

Palazzo Reale in Milan  

Palazzo Reale
This huge palace on the Piazza del Duomo is built in the 12th century and originally built to be a city hall. Over the years the palace had various owners such as the Visconti and Sforza families and Spanish rulers. During the 2nd World War it was completely destroyed by the bombing. Nowadays the palace houses the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cathedral Museum.
Address: Piazza del Duomo / Piazzetta Reale

Piazza dei Mercanti in Milan  

Piazza dei Mercanti
In the middle Ages the trade flourished at this small square which you'll find only a few steps from the Duomo. The oldest building, the Palazzo Della Ragione, dates from 1233 and once was the city hall. This is really a nice square to relax for a few minutes and watch the street musicians perform.