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Sint Niklaas church in Ghent  

Sint-Niklaas church
This church is built in the typical Scheldt Gothic Style. The rich guilds and merchants who did their business in the nearby harbor made the construction possible. That's also why they had their own chapels in the church.
Address: Korenmarkt 14

Korenmarket in Ghent  

Once an arm of the liver Leie run through where now this corn market square is located. You'll find many nice terraces, restaurants, and cafes here.

University of Ghent  

The architect of the auditorium of the University of Ghent was inspired by the architecture of ancient temples. As you clearly can see at the front with the Corinthian columns.
Address: Voldersstraat

Vrijdagmarkt in Ghent  

Every Friday a market takes place here, that's why it's called the Friday market. This square is surrounded by beautiful old medieval houses of which the ' Toreken' is one of them (on the picture right). From this little tower, build in the 15th century, new trade regulations were read out loud to the interested on the square.