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Groot vleeshuis in Ghent  

Groot vleeshuis
Groot vleeshuis means big meathouse. In the 16th century this was the only place where selling meat was allowed (to control the quality and freshness). Today you can buy and eat regional products of East Flanders here. Take a look inside, the wooden roof is unique.
Address: Groentenmarkt 7

Penshuisjes in Ghent  

Literally it means tripe houses. Intestines were prohibited to sell in the big meathouse. For hygiene reasons they had to be sold (to the poor people) seperately in these houses. Now they are selling plants and souvenirs here.
Address: Groentenmarkt 7

Gravensteen in Ghent  

Through time it purposed many goals, such as: count's residence (it litterally means castle of the Counts), cotton spinning mill, prison, symbol of power and off course tourist attraction.
Address: Sint-Veerleplein

Veerle square in Ghent  

Sint-Veerle square
In the middle ages public executions took place here. Now you can admire the beautiful façades from the 17th and 18th century. Among them is the gate to the early fish market with the statue of Neptune and two other statues that represent the rivers Scheldt and Leie. This square is located across the Gravensteen.