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Sint-Baafs kathedral in Ghent   Sint-Baafs kathedral
This church was built to show the wealth and importance of the city thanks to the cloth trade and has a beautiful gothic construction.
Address: Sint-Baafsplein 4
Gerard de Duivelsteen in Ghent   Geraard de Duivelsteen
This was the castle of Knight Gheeraert Vilain. He got this nickname (Geraard the Devil) because he married 5 times and each time he wanted to marry another woman, he killed his wife. This castle was one of the first houses to be built in stone.
Address: Geraard de Duivelstraat 1
Patershol in Ghent  

Near the Gravensteen lies the 'Patershol'. This quarter is a network of little medieval streets. In the middle ages the traders and craftsman used to live here. When in the 17th and 18th century the Gravensteen became a law court, the magistrates lived in the houses. In the next century the Gravensteen became a cotton factory so the textile workers moved in this quarter. It became a run-down quarter when the industry didn't flourish anymore. After the the Second World War the Patershol was renovated. Now you'll find many nice restaurants here. Take a walk's really worth it!
Address: Next to the Gravensteen. Hertogstraat, Plotersgracht and Rode Koningstraat are a few of the streets in this quarter.