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The canals in Venice  

The canals
Venice is filled with canals, they are the Venice roads with countless bridges. The best way to see them is on the water. Take a gondola or public transport boats (buy a day-ticket instead of individual tickets).

Scala Contarini dal Bovolo in Venice   Scala Contarini dal Bovolo
'Bovolo' in Venetian dialect means spiral staircase. This magnificent tower/stairs is a little bit hidden but you just follow the yellow arrows from Manin square, down the Calle della Mandola. Find out its location, and climb to the top. Nice views!
Castello area in Venice   Castello area
This is perhaps the best area of Venice to see 'everyday life'. It's a place where the real people of Venice live, and the streets (or canals) are often festooned with washing hanging to dry, small local markets, bars and cafes, quite streets etc. Walk along the waterfront (Riva degli Schiavoni, Riva Ca Di Dio, Riva San Biagio) and the turn left up Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and beyond. Also take a look up by the Arsenale.