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Belfry in Gent  

In the middle ages the tower functioned as a treasury (the rights and privileges of the city were kept safe here), watchtower and military head quarters. Nowadays the bells don't sound the alarm but a friendly tune is played by the carillon.
Address: Emile Braunplein

Lakenhallen in Gent  

In the middle ages the wool and textile trade took place here. All the sheets produced within a mile from the city had to be inspected and traded here. On the picture you see the lakenhallen (building on the left), belfry, mammelokker and the city hall together.
Address: Botermarkt 17

Mammelokker in Gent  

In this small building, built to the Belfry and the Lakenhallen, the warder used to live (18th century). He had access to the prison that was located in the crypt of the Lakenhallen.
Address: Botermarkt 17

City hall of Gent  

Town hall
It was built for the town and guild's representatives who met here in the 15th century. It is constructed in late-gothic and Renaissance style. The black pillars and golden ornaments make it very special.
Address: Botermarkt 1