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Hotel Gravensteen in Ghent  

Hotel Gravensteen (€€€)
Nice hotel partly in a very monumental building. The rooms in the new part are good but when possible try to get room number 12 or 14. These give a lovely view on the castle Gravensteen. You get the impression here of really living in Ghent.
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Hotel Monasterium in Ghent  

Hotel Monasterium PoortAckere (€€€)
This hotel is actually an old convent (the history goes back to the year 1278). It's a haven of peace in the busy city. And it's very charming of course. This hotel is a little less centrally located than the other hotels are.
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Hotel Sofitel Ghent Belfort  

Sofitel Ghent Belfort (€€€€)
This hotel is located right in the centre, next to the Belfort (Belfry). The rooms are tidy, spacious and modern. Sauna and fitness are free of charge (the parking-garage is not).
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Hotel Ghent River  

Ghent River Hotel (€€€€)
In the city centre of Ghent , near the Vrijdagsmarkt and on the right bank of the river Leie (you even can reach the hotel by boat). There are 2 buildings the rooms are housed in: a renaissance house from 1518 and a rice-mill built on a burnt down sugar refinery. This building has quite a history. They serve breakfast on the top floor overlooking the city of Ghent.
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