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Place du Théâtre in Lille  

Place du Théâtre
Buildings like the Opera house and the Chamber of Commerce (with the Belfry) are surrounding this square. Overlooking the square you will notice the remarkable mixture of architecture. Maybe this is due to the Chinese Pagoda in the middle?

New Opera House in Lille  

New Opera House
Although it was built in 1906 it only was inaugurated in 1923.
This Louis XVI-styled building has a lively decorated facade; at the top in the middle you'll find the statue of Apollo with his nine muses. At the right side of the entrance there's a statue representing tragedy and at the left side there's a statue representing music. It was renovated completely and reopened in December 2003.
Address: Place du Théâtre

New Stock Exchange in Lille  

New Stock Exchange / Chamber of Commerce & Belfry
The New Stock Exchange was built in 1906 in neo-Flemish style. Nowadays it houses the Chamber of Commerce. The adjacent
Belfry was built in 1932 and is about 100 meters high.
Address: Place du Théâtre

Rang de Beauregard in Lille  

Rang de Beauregard
Opposite the New Stock Exchange stands a row of houses built in 1687 in again the typical beautiful Flemish style. Notice the bell-ringer on the house on the left corner. If you look closely you can still see the cannonballs that are stuck in the façades from the siege of 1792. Address: Place du Théâtre