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Place du General de Gaulle in Lille  

Place du General de Gaulle
This square, also called La Grande Place, is the heart of Lille. This impressive, almost car free square is surrounded by typical Flemish renaissance style houses with beautiful facades. In the centre of the square is the column of Déesse, goddess and symbol of the city. She praises the brave locals during the siege of Lille in 1792.

La Voix du Nord  in Lille  

La Voix du Nord
This Art Deco building has a Flemish step gable with golden statues on top. They represent the 3 former provinces of the region: Artois, Flandres and Henegovia. Inside this building on the ground floor there's a big shopping center. Furthermore it's the head office of the local newspaper "La voix du Nord"
Address: Place du General de Gaulle

Vieille Bourse (Old Stock Exchange) in Lille  

Vieille Bourse (Old Stock Exchange)
This Old Stock Exchange is housed in the oldest (1652) and one of the most beautiful buildings of Lille. It's actually made up of 24 separate houses, surrounding an interior courtyard. Nowadays at the courtyard you'll find second-hand booksellers and florists. A walk through this building will lead you to the Place du Théâtre.
Address: Place du General de Gaulle

Angels in Lille  

Some houses at the Place du General de Gaulle have little angels next to the windows. Some of them are having the bottoms turned to each other and some of them are hugging each other. This is how to detect which window belongs to the same owner.
Address: Place du General de Gaulle