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Vieux Lille; old part of Lille  

Vieux Lille
This is a very picturesque part of Lille. With its 17th century cobbled streets, renovated houses boutiques and restaurants this is an area not to be missed.
Address: In and around Rue de la Monnaie/Place du Lion-d'Or
On the picture: Rue au Peterinck

Hospice Comtesse in Lille  

Hospice Comtesse
This once was a place for sick and old people and was founded in 1237 by the Countess of Flanders. Now it's a museum where you can see an old infirmary, tapestries and paintings by local artists etc. Also notice the beautiful building itself and the peaceful inner courtyard.
Address: 32, Rue de Monnaie

Hospice Gantois in Lille  

Hospice Gantois
Once built around 1460 by a rich merchant from Ghent (Gantois is someone from Ghent). Is has a beautiful entrance gate and a lovely courtyard. Nowadays it's a 4-star hotel.
Address: Rue de Paris

Porte de Paris and Hôtel de Ville in Lille  

Porte de Paris and Town Hall
The Porte de Paris is a beautiful gate (similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris) that was build to celebrate the capture of the town by Louis XIV and it was once a part of the city wall. Close to this gate you'll find the Town Hall and the belfry. You can climb the belfry for a great view over Lille.
Address: Place Vollant