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Macceroni in Rome  

A great place to have lunch (they also serve dinner). Locals as well as tourists love to come here. The food, pasta is the house specialty, is very tasty and the helpings are more than enough. It has a complete own style which makes it to a unique and kind of trendy place.
Address: Piazza della Copelle 44, tel.: +39 6 68307895

Romolo nel Giardino della Fornarina in Rome  

Romolo nel Giardino della Fornarina
Located in the Trastevere quarter with its many nice restaurants and bars. But this one is famous for it seems that the mistress and model of the painter Rafael once lived here. Very romantic: summer dining in the walled garden behind the restaurant. You, your lover, candle light and some live guitar music...
Address: Via Porta Settimiana 8, tel.: +39 6 5818284