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Chocolates in Bruges  

In Bruges there are many shops that sell (handmade) chocolates. On the website of Godiva there is an on-line shop and recipes.

Steenstraat in Bruges  

This is the main shopping street of Bruges.
Almost all the shops are located in old houses and this makes that this street is very pleasant to shop.

Lace in Bruges

Looking for a typical souvenir from Bruges to take home? Well, buy something of lace. It's a magnificent piece of handwork (it can be a little expensive).

Beer in Bruges   Beer
Another typical souvenir is beer. All kinds of different flavors, brands etc. I'm sure you will find something of your liking.
Ceramics in Bruges  

Your profession in ceramics
This is really an original gift: Kasper makes your profession in ceramics. These sculptures are really beautifully made. His little shop is 50 meters from the Beguine.