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Canals in Bruges   Canals
Inside the city the 'Reie' river had been turned into a network of canals that enabled the traders to bring their products to the large Water Halls at the Market.
The Belfry in Bruges  

The Belfry
This building, at the Market Square, was the place where all of the important documents of the city were preserved. Climbing the 366 steps of the winding staircase is a challenge but you get rewarded with an amazing view!

De Grote Markt in Bruges  

De Grote Markt
The Market Square is the main square of Bruges with many little shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Bruges has two town squares. One is this one and the other is the Burg. One street (Breidelstraat) connects these two.

Town hall in Bruges   Town hall
This town hall on the square 'the Burg' is the oldest in Belgium (dating from 1376) and a beautiful example of neo-gothic architecture.